Here's Looking At You, Rick: Carlos "Big Man" Ghosn Heads To GM

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GM's Rick Wagoner took to the stage earlier this week, and yesterday it was Carlos Ghosn's turn on the runway. We already gave you a look at Ghosn's conquest of the beaches of Bartiromo, but that wasn't his only foray into the media wilds yesterday. Ghosn sat down for coffee and pastries with all sorts of print journalists (don't worry Carlos — we were busy yesterday anyway) resulting in a number of interesting and provocative stories on the energetic and excitable Renault-Nissan CEO along with the accompanying conjecture on today's meeting with Wagoner. Just as importantly — it resulted in a number of funny quotes and exchanges like these from today's New York Times:

"I do not take too much in what's said, because we haven't started," Mr. Ghosn said. "This is the beginning of the story."

Told that those words sounded like a line from the film "Casablanca,'' Mr. Ghosn declared, with a smile, "This is Ghosn. This is not 'Casablanca.' "


In addition to Ghosn wanting to be clear he's no Ilsa Lund or Rick Blaine, he's of the belief the idea of a GM-Renault-Nissan tripartide alliance is gonna be well, let's let him tell you:

"I would not be here today if I did not think it was big...big! I am focused on what is the size of the prize..."


We feel like maybe this whole thing is about either Ghosn looking to be the big man of the auto industry or maybe he feels like GM has a hole his alliance can fill — perhaps a small (and mid-size car) hole, but a hole nonetheless. Likewise, Renault-Nissan probably has a hole in its product lineup as well — possibly one big enough to drive a pickup truck (or SUV) through. And you know, if things don't work out — Rick and Carlos will always have Detroit.

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