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WardsAuto's reporting the number one super best automaker from the land of the rising sun's playing a little swap game with their little bitch stakeholdee Fuji Heavy Industries. Specifically, they'll be trading with Subaru, of which Fuji's the parent company. Subaru of America spokesman David Sullivan's telling them

"Toyota sent about 100-150 over to Subaru and vice versa...that exchange started a couple months after the agreement was reached for Toyota to invest in 8.7% of our parent (Fuji) there's some intermingling going on right now, and in a year or two I think you'll see that bear fruit for both companies."

But you'll want to use protection kids, or else you'll be having to explain to a future model year why they've got a hood scoop like the kids down the block. [Hat tip to Danny!]

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