Illustration for article titled Toyota Neglects To Mention Sale Of Vehicles Halted Because Feds Forced Them

Yesterday, Toyota announced they'd stop selling eight vehicles with sudden-fiery-death-accelerator-pedals. What they failed to mention was this is something they were legally forced to do.


According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration administrator David Strickland, in an interview with The Detroit News, the move was a legal obligation and "We informed them of the obligations, and they complied."


Toyota neglected to mention this in their initial press release announcing the decision. We're guessing this is because no one wants to admit the government made them stop selling the cars over safety concerns.

What remains unclear is why Toyota continued to sell the cars after the recall, if the government stepped in to make it happen, or how Toyota's dealer network is going to react to the way this was handled.

[The Detroit News</a

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