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Toyota MR2 based "Faux-rarri" on Ebay

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If you didn't get enough terrible MR2 modification yesterday allow us to present to you this 2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder with a "Custom F360" kit on it. The current owner has decided it is time for someone else to take on the burden of owning this bizarre Toyota based Faux-rrari and listed the car for sale on Ebay.

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To us, finding a totaled but mechanically intact Toyota MR2 brings to mind opportunity for weird engine swap projects or tube framed track cars. When the builder of this Faux-rrari came across a 2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder that had been totaled after sustaining heavy hail damage, they decided to go in an entirely different direction. The vehicle seen here is the much less hoonable result

As you can see the MR2's hail damaged body was entirely removed and replaced by the fiberglass body shell seen here. Produced by an un-named prop company in Hollywood, according to the seller the body shell is made from the highest quality and thickest fiberglass. Although we question how much weight the new body adds to the MR2, we are going to assume this thick fiberglass is a selling point in the world of Toyota based replica Ferraris.

Illustration for article titled Toyota MR2 based Faux-rarri on Ebay

Instead of trying to improve the performance of the stock MR2, the fiberglass bodied Faux-rrari received all of the modifications you might expect from an MR2 based exotic car replica. Big wheels and bigger stereo? You know it. Carbon fiber accents? Naturally. Bright yellow Ferrari replica seats and diamond plate floor mats? Admittedly less expected, but still undeniably present. The resulting car is a bizarre mixture that is still unable to mask the fact the MR2 is more closely related to my decidedly unexotic 13 year old 4Runner than anything ever built in Maranello.


With less than a day left on the auction the $24,999 asking price has not yet been paid. This Faux-rarri has done a few tours on Ebay already and we suspect it might be back for more. Judging from the Youtube video seen below the seller started out looking for $34,995, but wisely decided to adjust the price. After a brief Ebay search, we were able to find a non salvage titled MR2 on with comparable mileage for a little over $10,000. Accordingly, any potential buyer is going to have to be willing to pay a significant premium for the vaguely Italian looks of this salvage titled MR2.


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This is much better, actually. Price is better too! Kit is ~£3000, full kit with a donor MR2 is £19000. Too bad it's in the UK.