The world's worst customized Toyota MR2

As an MR2 Spyder owner, I'm comfortable taking mountains of grief from people. But even I wouldn't consider a Carrera GT-esque VeilSide widebody kit fastened with wood screws for my Mister 2. Then again, there's something appealing about how bootleg this is.

This thing first appeared in #Oppo thanks to Seattle-based Dukie, who found it parked outside a local Lowe's. Apparently, this Spyder owner took the the whole "Let's build something together" concept too literally, and teamed up with a kindergarten shop class. To be fair, perhaps the owner installed the imported-from-Japan kit as directed, and as Dukie points out, suffered the slings and pebbles that come with traversing the same crap roadways as 30 million logging trucks.


Of course, we could be witnessing the first post-apocalypto rat-rod tuner MR2 in history. Naturally, that would totally kill.


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