Toyota Is Advertising The Camry With This Purple Donk

Toyota's new ad campaign "The Camry Effect," features Romeo Sandoval and his purple '92 Camry donk. Will its gullwinged donktasticness give Toyota the youth edge it needs?


You can hate this Camry on sixes as much as you want, but Sandoval's explanation for the car resonates with us.

The first time I laid eyes on it, you know, it was like, boom, I just had a vision you know? I saw potential that no one else saw.

When kids with iPads understand less and less what's so great about a 454 Chevelle, or an R34 Skyline, or a Lancia Delta Integrale, maybe we should appreciate Sandoval. He "blew the doors off" a beige commuter car and turned it into something different that he loved.

Still, we doubt the ad will motivate any young person to buy a Camry. At least it features one of the best car ad disclaimers we've ever seen.

Vehicle shown is modified with non-Genuine Toyota Parts and accessories. These modifications will void the Toyota warranty, may negatively impact vehicle performance, and may not be street legal.

(Thanks to everyone for the tips!)


Fred Smith

this is the funniest thing ever.

REAL STAT QUOTED ON THIS WEBSITE: 43 percent of camry drivers sometimes drive their camries to put their kids to sleep.

ANOTHER REAL STAT: the most popular color for the camry? "sandy beach". THAT'S BEIGE BY ANY OTHER NAME.

just read some of these stats and "impressions" and enjoy yourself.