The upcoming rear-wheel-drive Toyota FT-86 was developed in collaboration with Subaru, and it's been said all along the car would sport a 2.0-liter flat-four. We guess if this purported FT-86 logo is accurate, doubters should put those worries to rest.

The cunning car sleuths at Car and Driver have uncovered what appears to be a logo for the FT-86 that clearly shows a cross-sectioned boxer engine — one horizontally opposed piston on each side and a stylized "86" in between them.

If this logo's the real deal, it also seems clear the "86" won't merely be a concept homage to the AE86, but will find its way into the name of the production car.


Frankly, we're just disappointed they didn't go with Spinelli's idea for a logo, seen to the right. Heck, Car and Driver's Mike Austin even made a t-shirt out of it.

Both the Toyobaru and Subieyota versions should get base prices somewhere in the low-$20K range. (Hat tip to Rob!)


[via Car and Driver]