Toyota Fears Hyundai More than GM

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Looks like Toyota is none too bullish on GM's future, but quite bullish on its South Korean rival Hyundai's. Many within the company are reported to be more fearful of Hyundai's rise to challenge its soon-to-be #1 Carmaker status than they are of GM's ability to rise up and defend its top spot. With Hyundai's quality problems largely beaten, we'll have to watch how its sub-$30,000 luxury sedan, the Azera, is received in the US market. But that's not all. Hyundai is gaining market share in China, just as Toyota's has slipped slightly of late. It's a long-term battle to be sure, but one that may result in a radical reshuffling of the auto industry.

Toyota Fears Hyundai More than GM [Jin via The Auto Channel]

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