Toyota Dons Celebratory Hachimaki for WEC Season Win

Keeping with other manufacturers' theme of celebratory headwear, the Toyota World Endurance Championship team broke out some sweet hachimaki to commemorate their 2014 LMP1 Manufacturer's Championship win.


The hachimaki is a headband that symbolizes perseverance and courage by the wearer in Japanese culture. Sounds very fitting for an endurance racing team who finally provided a worthy nemesis to Audi Sport Team Joest.

Toyota's highest car, the number 8 TS040, came in second at Interlagos, but the gap between it and Porsche's race-winning number 14 car was as little as 13 seconds in the last hour. Then the number 20 Porsche 919 and number 90 Ferrari 458 collided, causing a full-course yellow that lasted until the end of the race.

Still, Toyota was ahead enough in the Manufacturer's Championship points for this season that the second place finish was enough to guarantee the season win.


Here we see driver Mike Conway celebrating the successful season in style. Congratulations, Toyota!


Other teams, you know what to do. I expect nothing short of, say, a set of giant green cowboy hats should Krohn Racing win their class next year.

(Photo credit: Toyota Racing)

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