Toyota Developing GT86/FR-S Rally Car

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Toyota is officially developing a GT86 rally car for the World Rally Championship's production class series. Excuse me while I scream for joy for about five minutes straight.


The car's called the GT86 CS-R3, to reflect that the car is built to the 'R3' class of production car rallying of the WRC's feeder series WRC3.

Like other cars in its class, the new Toyota rally car is fully homologated (2,500 road cars have been built), it's got a production two-liter engine, a six-speed sequential gearbox, and two wheel drive.


The difference is that just about every other car in its class is front-drive (like a Clio R3) ad the Toyota is rear-drive. Here's what Toyota themselves told the WRC about the car.

The GT86 CS-R3 promises to be a thrilling car on the rally stages; with rear-wheel drive we can expect some dramatic action which is sure to be entertaining for drivers and fans alike.

The cars will be built by Toyota's German racing wing, Toyota Motorsport GmbH and is now the current object of my every desire.

Photo Credit: WRC/Toyota

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