Illustration for article titled Toyota Cancels 2011 Lexus SC, Considers Ditching 2011 Avalon Too

It looks like consumer demand for more fuel-efficient models is affecting the super number one greenest manufacturer from the land of the rising sun, too. According to the folks with the corporate Inside Line, the 2011 Lexus LF-A-based 2011 Lexus SC has been canned. Additionally, it looks like the 2011 Toyota Avalon may meet the same fate, replaced instead with a long-wheelbase 2012 Toyota Camry.


Originally, Lexus's plan was to develop a new SC based on the LF-A, but softened-up a bit for the colostomy-bag crowd at which the current model is targeted. However, sales of the so-ugly-it-hurts $67,120 hardtop convertible dropped 40% during the first half of 2008, necessitating a total rethink. We guess the market for a 288 HP 16-mpg city, non-performance luxury convertible isn't as big as was once thought. [via Inside Line]

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