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The 2011 Lexus LF-A — or maybe it's the 2010, or even 2012, depending on reports — supercar's been shot by the quick to the snap spy photographers at KGP. The speedy little spy shooters caught the supercar-to-be as it appeared to be getting ready to hit the Nürburgring. They're expecting hot laps won't be far behind, but we're wondering what's taking the super number one best awesome automaker from the land of the rising sun from gettin' 'er done with their first entry into the world of super car performance. It's been like, what, almost three years already since the Lexus LF-A first started hitting the auto show circuit? And in that time we've seen more versions of the LF-A concept than we're able to keep track of. We distinctly remember at least, you know, like three — one in 2005, a revised LF-A concept at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show and the roadster concept as well as definitive word we'll be seeing our dreams of a sexy luxe cousin to the son of Supra come true, plus a price point of around $170K. So, we're still talking about something like a six-year development cycle here, aren't we?


Jeez, and people get all pissy when an automaker takes a couple of years to develop a new muscle car. Anyway, despite the development time, we're still excited to see this new Lexus in showrooms in either a V10 or V8-plus-hybrid flavor. And no, it's not just because we want to play with the retractable wing until it breaks off. Though that does sound like fun. Full spy report from KGP below.

The Lexus LF-A has hit the roads around the 'Ring, and some hot laps can't be far behind. The LF-A's retractable rear wing can be seen lowering in this sequence of shots.

This prototype is obviously still wearing some preproduction lighting, and some details are clearly lacking production-finished trim, but the styling looks basically unchanged form last year's prototype. It appears that Lexus may have finally locked-in the bulk of the LF-A's final design.

In a recent interview, Lexus' Australian chief executive confirmed that the LF-A is still being readied for production, although it may not reach showrooms until 2011. Even if that claim refers to the 2010 calendar year as a 2011 model, that still means a lengthy development course ahead. At that point, the LF-A's gestation will be approaching six years. Such a long development process is almost unheard of in today's automotive industry, although the Hyundai's recent entry into the luxury market with its new Genesis is another recent example. The Genesis showcased many design changes right up to its auto show debut, and the Lexus LF-A has been similarly tweaked over the course of its development.

One can't help but sense a whiff of uncertainty in Lexus' entry into the rarefied supercar realm, but they're certainly going to great lengths to see that its right when it finally reaches the market.

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I went to the British International Motor Show today.

Saw An amazing thing.

A lexus that looked good. So very, very good.

Looked a lot like this one. There was a work of art work next to it, a very compact V10 engine.

I'm in love.