Toyota And Nissan To Delay Heavy Duty Trucks; GM, Ford And Dodge Can Hardly Contain Selves

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Gee, and we always thought that the "HD" meant "high definition." Man, how wrong were we? It actually stands for "Heavy Duty" or "Professional Grade" or whatever each company calls their big ol' trucks for construction sites and other mud n' dirt needs. Heavy Duty's different than most other pickups offered by automakers, which are more usually called "lame" (or poseurs — we're trying to bone up on our French for obvious reasons). Anyway — Toyota's much long heralded arrival to the HD scene's apparently gonna take a little bit longer than originally thought — as Automotive News is reporting they'll be delayed, and won't see an official release's been indefinitely halted. Nissan on the other hand is planning a heavy-duty pickup, but they won't make it until 2009 at the earliest. That's good news for Chevy, Ford, Dodge, GMC and any other American brand we may have missed who've seen profits from a segment growing 12% last year — despite softening sales in the lighter end of their pickup lineups.

Toyota, Nissan delay plans to launch heavy-duty pickups (sub. req.) [Automotive News]


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So Toyotas' gonna delay the release of a really UGLY truck. What happened? Somebody there finally have the balls to tell the higher ups its just too awful to sell? I hope that guy had his resume updated.