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Toyota today unveiled the all-new 2007 Tundra full-size (as opposed to kiddie size?) pickup truck at a press conference at the new Toyota Technical Center in Ann Arbor, MI. With an overall length of 209.8 inches for the standard bed and 228.7 inches for the long bed, this is one big-ass truck — bigger than last year's model by an inch and a half on the standard bed, but a whopping seven inches longer on the long bed. That's nice, yes — but we've heard now from three different folks the new truck-o-saurus is so big that a reason for the delay between introduction and production of the '07 trucks has been size-related. Specifically, the service bays at dealerships aren't big enough to accomodate the new pickups and so ToMoCo's spent the past six months making upgrades to the bays and training their service center workers in how to effectively fix a truck as big as the new Tundra. Below the jump we've included a scan of the quarterly dealer magazine from Toyota to dealerships reminding them they'll need to retrofit those service well as how big of a problem it was.

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We're always hesitant about buying a new car or truck the first year it's in service, but we're wondering how commercial truck customers will feel waiting for their trucks after bringing them in for service, when they know the service center employees in the back room are busy thumbing through a dealer guide looking for the "how-to" on jacking the truck up on the lift.

Toyota Debuts 2007 Tundra Single and Double-Cab Long Beds


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