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A small gathering of old school Toyotas foreshadowed the upcoming and entirely more massive ALL TOYOTAFEST, scheduled to help celebrate Toyota's 50th Anniversary in America at the Queen Mary in Long Beach this May. The Toyota Owner's and Restorer's Club [T.O.R.C] was established in 1995 with the goal of keeping pre-1985 Toyotas rolling and racing. The T.O.R.C. hosts the ALL TOYOTAFEST, which is open to all manner of Toyota. At this meet Starlets and Tercel SR5's coexisted together with MR2's, along with delicious hot dogs and burgers. None other than Chito Solomon himself employed 2600cc's of displacement and Toyoglide automatic transmission to get his Crown rolling in from the Valley to Harbor City. More Starlets, and return of Coronamino in the gallery.


Toyota Owners and Restorers Club [T.O.R.C]

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