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SUPER DURABILITY! Mitsubishi Lancer, The Elder

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Before the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution began evolving there was the Lancer GSR. The original Lancer was built from 1973-1977 and forever etched Mitsubishi into the rally history by taking astounding 1st through 4th place wins in the 1973 Southern Cross Rally. This particular example belongs to one Chito Solomon, who purchased the car from its original Japanese owner with a mere 24K kilometers on the clock. Chito threw a fresh set of dampers, wheels, and shoes on the GSR after taking delivery from Japan and rallied the beastie SoCal style down to the Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach. Behold the stock-down-to-the-last-hose-clamp-goodness in the [Gallery]

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Detroit Show Preview: New Mitsubishi Lancer; Oh No! There Goes Tokyo!; Spy Photos: Mitsubishi Concept X Rally [internal]


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Jalopnik, you fucking rule! This was my first car, in four-door form, cheaply painted a dark green we called Japanese Racing Green. It drank oil like an Alaskan penguin and rusted if you looked at it the wrong way, but light weight + 100hp + rear-wheel drive made for some epic hoonage.