Touch The Red Button

Photo Credits: Bentley

There it is. The button. The button. Red. Round. On the center console of your 1997 Bentley Continental T. Touch it. Touch the button.


What does the button do? What is it that happens, when the button is pressed? Is it us who are the ones who press the button? Does the button not push us? Do we not see it, in its state of being unpressed, and wonder what our lives will be like after the button is pressed? Do we not slip into the alternate timeline of the button en-pressage as we see it unpressed? The button, in a way, exists both within and without the realm of being pressed. As it is off, we ourselves enter the fantasy real of it being on. Once it is on, our lives are forever changed.

What does the button do?


Let’s look closer.


Let’s look farther away. The car in full. Look into its eyes. It can sense you, in your state of wonderment about its button. The button. It can be seen through the entirety of the Bentley Continental T. Its mystery is not bounded by physical space. The button, transcendent.

Turns out it’s a starter.

Let the rumble of its 385 horsepower turbocharged, intercooled 6.75-liter V8 carry you away, simultaneously crushed and thrilled that the button was forever on in your heart.

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