Toshiki Yoshioka Wins Vegas D1GP Event

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We love Toshiki Yoshioka. When other guys are out on the pro drifting circuit making anywhere from 300-500hp, Yoshioka still kicks it old-school Initial D-style in an AE86 literally held together with tape, zip-ties and Bondo. Coming out of Irwindale's bank during last winter's D1GP event, his wee car sounded like an angst-ridden, steroidal wasp. But hot damn can that boy drive. Yoshioka and Kobushige Kumakubo (another favorite of ours in his badass rear-drive WRX) placed 1-2 at the inaugural D1GP event in Vegas. Now that's a battle we would've loved to have seen. Results after the jump.

1. Toshiki Yoshioka (Hiroshima, Japan) - Toyota Corolla
2. Nobushige Kumakubo (Fukushima, Japan) - Subaru Impreza
3. Kensaku Komoro (Niigata, Japan) - Toyota Corolla
4. Kazuhiro Tanaka (Ibaragi, Japan) - Nissan Skyline
5. Daigo Saito (Kumamoto, Japan) - Toyota
6. Vaughan Gittin Jr. (Annapolis, Md.) - Ford Mustang
7. Hideo Hiraoka (Tochigi, Japan) - Nissan Silvia
8. Takahiro Ueno (Kanagawa, Japan) - Toyota Soarer
9. Ken Gushi (Okinawa, Japan; resides Calif.) - Ford Mustang
10. Hiro Sumida (Anaheim, Calif.) - Nissan Silvia


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