One of the weirdest things about Top Gear, and there are plenty, is that it's actually set up as a money-making enterprise and not something three blokes just do for fun. Part of that money-making enterprise involves an annual special just in time for the holidays, and huzzah, a whole bunch of previews have come out.

Last year's special had James May and Jeremy Clarkson in a long and hard-thought determination of The Worst Car In The History Of The World, and *SPOILER ALERT* the Lexus SC430 was deemed just terrible in every way. I seem to remember it being driven by many old people when I was younger, mainly dentists and the spouses of dentists.


This year's special brings Clarkson and Richard Hammond on a "The Perfect Road Trip," from Venice, Italy, to Pau, in France. It's seven days over 1,000 miles, and they drive everything from a Pagani Huayra to a Jaguar E-Type to a Porsche Cayman to a Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse.

And somehow, they even manage to squeeze Monza in there.

The special comes out tomorrow on Blu-Ray and on iTunes. Go get it there. Legally, of course.

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