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The guys from Top Gear hate caravans with a passion, so being ordered to build three of them for an upcoming show must have killed them. The three motorhomes they built? Anything but conventional.


First we saw the video of seriously embarrassing parents passing these contraptions on the road, now we have detailed pictures of them. Clarkson appears to have built a trendy flat atop a Citroen CX, Hammond a quaint cottage without walls on the back of a Land Rover Defender and Captain Slow attached a tent to the top of a Lotus Excel.


Also revealed in these pictures are details of one of the challenges, with the odd triplet being asked to cook a three-course meal in their homes from nothing but what they can buy in a gas station.

True to bumbling form, Clarkson appears to have gotten his Citroen stuck on an English beach as the tide comes in. [via GTSpirit]

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