Embarrassing Couple Spots Top Gear Filming, Freak Out

These two parents spotted the Top Gear crew filming an upcoming challenge and went a little bit insane. Although we'd be excited if we saw Jeremy Clarkson in a Citröen-based house too, we don't think we'd be this excited.

From the video it seems one of the challenges for this upcoming season of Britain's premier motor show invovles Top Gear's own Jeremy Clarkson in a Citroen CX with a house on top of it, Richard Hammond in a Land Rover cottage, and James May in a Lotus Excel of all things. The video was purportedly shot by these parents for their TG-loving kid. A kid who promptly disowned his parents after the video was posted to YouTube.


(Hat tip to CrazyRussian540!)

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Jonathan Harper

Classic excited Brits.

It really doesn't get much better.