Top Gear Does It Again: Another Krashed Koenigsegg

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Oh dear. You know, their track record with ultra-exotic machinery really resembles mine and Davey's with women. To date, and including this one, they have trashed an Enzo, two 'nigseggs and of course the Vampire jet car. This time out the TG boys were in the one-of-a-kind CCXR, the Swedish supercar maker's new bio-fueled monster. Old Stigy had just finished hooning the beast and a Koenigsegg engineer was driving Top Gear staffer Peter Grunert to new location for a photo shoot. Apparently, the engineer had forgotten that just hours earlier they had detached the under-body venturi tunnel (to attach camera equipment). This, combined with taking a blind corner at over 120 mph, led the unnamed man to smash into the "largest traffic cone known to man." Which caused the right-front wheel to shatter, which caused them to spin into a ditch. Then, the CCXR bounced out of the ditch and performed four more spins before finally heading back into the same ditch. Grunert reports that the carbon fiber tub stayed "perfectly intact," and that the CCXR left 265 meters of skid marks. We like that last bit the best.

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@cgarison: Yeah, I sent an email to on the 11th with it. No word on if they finally got 'round to reading my email, or came across it themselves. But it's old news.