Tom LaSorda Jets to Brazil: Chrysler Group Head on Biofuels

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Chrysler Group's HMIC, Tom LaSorda, gave a talk at the Renewable Fuels Association about the American auto industry's commitment to biofuels, using Brazil as an example of a nation that's moved away from petroleum. Considering that he followed Dubya in the speech lineup, and given that we're less likely to believe LaSorda than we are Dieter, we can't say that we give his talk a ringing endorsement. That said, we do think a lot of what he says makes sense, if it bears out. It may sound like boilerplate, and it probably is, to an extent, but between the lines, we think it's also a signal that the American automakers are about to make a significant shift. We're taking a wait-and-see on what it will actually be though.

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