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At some point soon this whole MySpace thing will jump the shark. We don't know when, we don't know how β€” but we do know we've seen a number of harbingers of the end. If it's not ESPN looking to become the MySpace for sports fans then it very well could be the ol' grey lady's desire to get into the whole community-sharing-is-caring thing by becoming a MySpace of sorts for car lovers. The Times' newest feature will allow members to:

β€’ Search the gallery by vehicle type, make and model.
β€’ Archive the user's vehicle and comments on a customized page.
β€’ E-mail car submissions to friends.
β€’ Receive random comments from chinese Pr0n dealers looking for you to "clik thi linc four mre pikturs!"

Ok, so the last one hopefully won't be an issue β€” maybe it's just a MySpace problem. But we shudder at the thought of a strange website set up just to allow people to rant and rave about their cars and gossip about industry stuff without care β€” cause hey, that's our job.

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