New York Times To Pimp Online And Print Auto Section; Fuzzy Dice Not Ruled Out

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Starting this Sunday, the Grey Lady will expand the print version of its Automobiles section to include — are you sitting down? — three new half-pages of editorial content. What's its plan for the other half-pages? Might it be ad inventory targeted to match the new editorial content? Oh wait, according to MediaBuyerPlanner that's exactly what it'll be.

"...the new initiatives provide well-integrated print and online advertising opportunities to both engage readers' interests and meet advertiser demands."


Funny. We were just thinking how much we don't want to read about cars; but really want to browse a well-integrated print and online advertising opportunity. But wait, there's more.

The next day, NYT will update its online automotive section with new content including car reviews, video features, a national directory of car clubs and an interactive events calendar. So what scared pushed led Times leaders to make these moves? Maybe they read the writing on the wall and figured they'd be next?

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