"Today I Changed A Tire On Ice-T's Aston Martin Vantage"

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Occasional Jalopnik contributor J.F. Musial (pictured, right), now an embedded videographer on the Bullrun with FastLaneDaily, tells us: "Today I changed a tire on Ice-T's Aston Martin Vantage with a Lexus donut 30 miles outside of Cleveland. What a Sunday."

By the way, worse news? That same tire that he replaced yesterday blew again today outside Iowa City on the way to Omaha. The man is having an unlucky couple days when it comes to rubber. Video below — start watching at about 6:00 minutes in:

It's a shame as I had a chance to talk to Ice-T at the stopover in Intercourse, PA on Saturday and he was nice as can be. So is his wife Coco who Kenny Herman, founder of the ExoticCarNetwork, former Executive Producer of Fast Lane Daily, entrepreneur, all-around great guy and my "Jalopnik Team Turn Signal" co-driver, talked to on Saturday night in Cleveland, Ohio.


I can also tell you that Ice-T can drive pretty damn competently. Good man to have as a car guy.

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Slid into The Matzohball

I umm.. was hoping for a few pics of Coco.. mayybe a dishonerable shot of the Vantage with its qtr up in the air...