Kim Kardashian, the woman famous (only?) for her sizable rear end, drops the ceremonial flag Saturday to start the 2010 Bullrun Rally in New York City. Hey... doesn't that Cadillac CTS-V Coupe behind her look familiar? Maybe if we... Enhance!


That's right — the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe (next to it's big brother Cadillac CTS-V Sedan piloted by "Team Twins" (not identical) — Annabelle and Nicholas Frankl) trying valiantly to keep up with the rear of the Kardashian princess is the same -V Coupe we reviewed on these pages last week.

As part of the deal for getting the CTS-V Coupe for a week to review out here in New York, we "agreed" to "participate" in the 2010 Bullrun Rally with Caddy's new two-door hotness. While we love the folks in the Bullrun (a much tamer, more "lifestyle-focused" rally than some other rallies), we're not always the biggest fans of the rally scene itself. Luckily, although we agreed to "participate," we had ourselves an out — we never said for how long we'd do so. Which is why we tagged along at the tail end of the rally pack for the first of the seven day New York-to-Las Vegas drive, then said goodbye and high-tailed it back to the Big Apple.


Along the way we managed to "kidnap" a Jalopnik commenter, spend time chilling with Ice-T, found out the only way anyone should be forced to go from New York City to Cleveland is by way of Intercourse, and saw one of the spookiest towns on the face of Earth. Stay tuned.

As for the question of whether we prefer the over-sized rear end of the reality show star or the high-powered luxury coupe — we think the answer's obvious! In fact, here's the proof:


Photo Credit: Celebrity-Gossip; Nicholas Frankl; Melina Meissner

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