Time's Running Out to Buy Yourself a New Bugatti Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron Sport.
The Bugatti Chiron Sport.
Image: Bugatti

We know, we know, $3 million is an investment. It takes time to decide whether you want to put seven figures toward something, but time isn’t always a given. Time certainly isn’t a given with the 1,500-horsepower Bugatti Chiron, which has less than 100 build slots left.


You’d better get to thinking already.

Car and Driver reports that “less than 100” is the figure straight from Bugatti, which plans to make 500 of the 8.0-liter, quad-turbocharged W16 Chirons—just a few more models than it made of the car’s Veyron predecessor, which had a production limit of 450. Buying one now doesn’t mean it’ll be in the driveway anytime soon, though, since Car and Driver reports that the remaining build slots won’t become deliveries until 2022 “at the earliest.”

(That’s three years from now, if it’s still 2007 in your mind, but it likely won’t matter much to anyone buying a Chiron—the average Bugatti customer has 42 cars at home.)

That’s because at the current take numbers, Car and Driver reports that the next three years of production are already booked up. It’s probably for the best, since a car that starts around $3 million should take at least a little time to assemble.

Sources told Car and Driver that since the its 2016 reveal, though, more than 180 Chirons have been delivered. North American buyers have gotten 46 of those, the sources said, meaning about 25 percent of the cars have made it here.

Those aren’t the only numbers that stand out, though. From Car and Driver:

The Chiron carries a sticker price of $2,998,000, or $3,260,000 for the Chiron Sport. And that’s before options, on which Bugatti’s elite clients typically spend some $350,000 on average, over and above the base price, added the automaker’s North American marketing manager Cedric Davy. [...]

Chiron Sport production began at Bugatti’s headquarters in Molsheim this past January. At this point, Bravo confirms, “We are currently assembling more Chiron Sport than Chiron.”


But, no matter the flavor of Chiron, there aren’t too many new ones left to get ahold of. If you’re debating where you want that $3 million to go, you’d better decide quickly.

Or you can debate whether to splurge and pay a delivery fee for dinner tonight rather than taking the time to go pick it up, as us normal folks do.

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pass, already have one in Lego, not gonna be the guy with 2 Chirons thats just tacky