Thunder From, Well, You Know: More on the HSV GTS E-Series

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Muscle-car heads from the land of Oz are getting a new HSV runner with zero-to-60 figures in the sub-five-seconds range. Remember this little number we brought you last week? It's been unveiled (see above) and the specs are in.


At base, the HSV GTS is the faster sibling of the VE Commodore, the first GM model to be built on the Zeta (sorry, global RWD architecture) platform. It's powered by a tweaked-out 6.0-liter LS2 — and plans for a top-range LS7-powered model may be in the works.


Design chief Juilan Quincey said of the car's performance and technology — including the GM-developed magnetoelectric ride system found on some Cadillacs and the Ferrari 599GTB — "We want to conquer Europe and we can genuinely do that now." Right-o, but how about the US? If GM doesn't start diverting his kind of hardware to American ports of call for Chevy and Pontiac soon — FYI: GM's got an announcement regarding its rear-drive plans coming this week — we're seriously considering a Jalopnik Canberra outpost.

VE NEWS: HSV's super-sedans break 5.0sec barrier [ via Winding Road]

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Firstly - htrodblder: Outback steakhouse - VERY Australian! When they put roo on the menu I'd consider it. No, I lie. I still wouldn't.

Secondly - Seth L: No. This is a HSV. It comes with the boy racer bits. It is not a Grand National. It is is certainly not a Buick. Why does every car have to be rebadged just to fit the US market? I can just imagine if Ferrari ever fell into GM hands - "OMG. It is SUCH a Pontiac Grand Am!" "No! I'd loose the boy racer engine and body and call it a Suburban!"

erk... makes me sick.