Hold on, Holden! Secret HSV E-Series Photos Leaked

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Shots of the secret E-Series, a super-sport Commodore sedan from Holden's performance division HSV made their way to the Intersplice a week before GM planned, by way of an embargo-date mixup by a government office (Ministry of Speed?). Australian muscle-car watchers have been waiting for the E-Series for months, though we're admittedly not quite up on its backstory (Yozzie, a little help?). The car's expected o have a modest bump in power to go along with its funky-fresh body kit, though the large taillights and huge vents behind the front wheels are the most telling differences from the Commodore. Drive.com.au has the skinny. No word on whether Vauxhallites in the UK will see a version.

This image was lost some time after publication.

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