McLaren, the proverbial new kid on the block in terms of supercars, has made a pretty amazing splash over the last couple of years.

And now, just in time for the holiday season, some cool McLaren nuggets just hit the interwebs.


Firstly, Neiman Marcus has announced on super hip photo sharing site instagram the car that will be gracing their economical and affordable — for an oil rich sheik — Christmas catalog: The bargain basement, $354,000 12C Spider.

So after Christmas is when we should start to look for these Spiders to be crashed at Auto Club Speedway.


Also, the upcoming P1 Supercar that we drooled all over in Paris will apparently be the start of a product onslaught from the automaker. Top Gear's Richard Hammond just wrote that McLaren will be building 500 of the P1 when it goes on sale next year.


But more interestingly, he dropped this little tidbit:

McLaren says it's going to launch a new car every year between now and 2020.

What could these new cars be? Is there a Porsche 911 fighter in the mix? Are they all limited production superhypermonster cars? Do one-offs like the outrageous X-1 count? Only time will tell!

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