A Cadillac on the Nürburgring? What are the odds? Sure Cadillac's never met a Nürburgring it didn't lap, but this is the best we've seen of the company's upcoming 3-Series competitor rounding graffiti street.

That subdued engine note of the Cadillac ATS points not to a V8, however, but one of the new car's lesser-piston'd powerplants. GM North America boss Mark Reuss has said, in a recent video clip, that "Cadillac shouldn't be just about big V8s and supercharged motors." And so, that's led most speculators divining the top-line ATS-Vs powertrain down the V6 trail, with a logical assumption being it'll be a highly worked version of the Camaro's 3.6-liter. That's likely considering the BMW's reportedly returning to six-cylinder power for the next-gen M3.

Which version this one is, we can't say. But watch, at about 1:23, as this Caddy's driver outbrakes and passes a BMW 5-Series on the outside line. Pretty sweet handling little Cimmaron we have here. Oops, we said the C word.