This Will Make Being Trapped At Home Much Better: The Lane Motor Museum Is Now Making Un-Crating Videos

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In these dark times, you need light and goodness brought directly to you, wrapped in ham and shoved into your mouth. Luckily, this sort of goodness and light still exists, in the form of the Lane Motor Museum’s new series of un-crating videos. Hot damn!


As many of you already likely know, the Lane is my favorite motor museum, and a big part of why that is you can see here in this video, as it shows how their quest for fascinating cars never abates.

As the video explains, the museum hunts for interesting cars all over Europe, especially, and sends them to a port in the Netherlands, where a shipping container is waiting. When that shipping container gets packed full of cars, it’s sent to the museum in Nashville, and the result is what you see here:

The Lane does have a fondness for microcars and other diminutive weirdos (you know, like myself) and as a result these containers can come packed with a surprising amount of cars, hence the scaffolding, and the remarkable difficulties in getting them out.

The Lane crew sure is good at this, though! They hardly dropped any cars at all!

Oh, and consider this my request—no, demand—to drive that 1959 Rogowsky as soon as the world is safe-ish again.

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I drove my Autozam to Nashville to visit my sister and this was the top of my list of places to go. We arrived the morning after they had unboxed their very own Autozam AZ-1 and hadn’t had the opportunity to remove any of the shipping markings from the windshield yet. What an outstanding place! We will absolutely be back and for those on the fence, the basement tour is 100% worth it! But where are they putting all of this new inventory?