This Wet NASCAR Road Course Battle Will Completely Melt Your Brain

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NASCAR is the butt of many jokes over the fact that they won’t run any of their ovals in the rain. But NASCAR will run on a wet road course. The perfect combination of a soaking wet track and ludicrously powerful stock cars is more fun than anyone deserves to watch, and this Mosport battle is one of the best I’ve watched all year.

This clip is from the Canadian NASCAR Pinty’s Series’ trip to Mosport: a classic road course set in a lovely park-like setting. Only this time, Mosport felt more like a water park, as it was soaked to the core. If the cars look slow, it’s understandably so—nobody has any grip.


Watching Kevin LaCroix and Andrew Ranger battle it out ruthlessly for the last couple laps of this race is totally nuts. It’s so slippery that they break traction every time they shift gears. Visibility in the cars’ rooster tails is miserable, yet Ranger isn’t even using a windshield wiper.

Bonus: the battle for third behind these two comes right up to the finish line, too.


NASCAR, please do this more often.


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There’s a fair point to be made here.

Even IndyCar doesn’t really ever run on wet ovals. They’re more tolerant of a very marginally “damp” track because of all the downforce, but that’s it. Constantly being on the tires’ grip limit for 50% of each lap just is not conducive on any level to safe or productive oval racing.

Honestly I’m not even sure a treaded rain tire would do its job correctly on an oval and you sure as hell couldn’t use slicks.