This Upcoming Paris Classic Car Auction Is Stacked

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RM Auctions has a big event coming up in Paris and oh man. Oh man. Ohhhhhh man it is so full of Grade A super want mega need machinery I don't know where to start.


You can check out all the lots right here. All the usual features of a modern top-rung classic car auction are there. You've got your million-pound Ferrari F40, your million and a half 250 Lusso, your Countaches, Dinos, Daytonas, 356s, and everything else.

The thing is, the bench on this auction is deep. Amazingly deep.

There's an Iso Grifo 5300 GT Strada in apple green. Apple green! I can't say how much I want this car, designed by on of Ferrari's greatest engineers and powered by a Chevy small block with four carburetors.


There's an ex-works Porsche 911S rally car.

There's an extremely stately and understated high-roof 1957 Ferrari 250GT by Ellena, possibly the most glamorous of Ferrari's 250 series no matter what anyone says about the Lusso.


You can score an Alpine A110 complete with a half cage.


You could show up and buy not only this yellow Lancia Stratos, but this 037 Stradale as well.


There's this Facel Vega HK 500, this navy blue Aston DB5 on whitewalls, and this Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super for the Carabinieri.


There's even the first prototype Ferrari 288 GTO/F40 engine for a surprisingly low price.


Wait, and there's a Le Mans racing Delahaye 135?


I can't handle all of this.

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William Clavey

Sweet merciful crap Raph, that Alpine A110 makes me want to roll up into a little ball and start convulsing like a meth addict. It's gorgeous!