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What started life as a 2WD delivery van had been reborn as an unbelievably bad ass off-road camper, which has since had the bejesus beaten out of it and needs a new maniac to bring it to life once again. Do it. DOOO IT. Because holy crap is this thing righteous.

Vintage, totally over-retrofitted, and wearing what looks like plenty of hard-earned battle scars, this 1966 Step Van has everything you need to have a blast on the trail and make instant friends at camping stops. If you can get it running.

It's for sale at the bargain-basement price of $5,000 in Northern Virginia right now. Sure, you could get a car you can actually use for that amount of money... but if it's not a rolling zombie of a lifted living space, who cares?


The seller's introduction sounds as enticing as it does ominous. I mean, no, you've GOT this. You'll get this thing sorted easily. From the ad [sic]:

It is old. It is rugged. and we have loved every second of it. I am sure things will need to be fixed and/or replaced on the interior.


An RV doesnt get a whole lot cooler than this...It is home made. built from the ground up and has been an ongoing project for the last 40+ years. It was built through out the 1970's and 80's by my dad, he bought a 1966 boyer town body, which was originally a p-30 1 ton truck with a 292 ci engine.

It has been feartured in several magazines(4wheeler, Jeep Magazine, Four Wheeler Magazine, and several others. It has won ugly truck contests(haha) and has even gotten us behind the scenes with Dennis Anderson, driver of the monster truck, Grave digger and his home office in North Carolina (signed picture by him. big deal I know, but still really cool)


Military axles from a Deuce And A Half (sort of like this) put the power of a Chevy 454 big block from a 1973 Suburban through six-wheel-drive. Seller claims the truck runs a five-speed manual with a four-speed auxiliary gearbox giving you a usability range "60 MPH at 2500 RPM to half-a-mile-an-hour crawl at 1000 RPM."


Amenities inside include bunks, heaters, a water tank, and stove... all of which look crusty but you're going to be covered in mud, sweat and manliness as soon as you step inside this rig anyway so that shouldn't make much difference.

Somebody buy this and become a hero. And send us pictures of your off-road escapades.


Click here to check it out if and when the ad disappears.

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Hat tip to Charlie! Images: Craigslist