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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Follow An Insane Off-Road Adventure To The Tip Of Alaska And Back

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Off-road parks are fun, but for many of us 4x4 fans the real dream is creeping down new tracks into unfamiliar territory with the hopes of reaching an epic camping spot/photo op. Don't have time to carry out your own expedition right now? Here's enough video for you to vicariously adventure for the next couple weeks.

The Expedition Overland web series follows team of ambitious individuals who built two long-range Toyotas then spent weeks (and week) running them from Montana all the way to the farthest drivable part of Alaska and back.


Cinematographer and off-road adventure enthusiast Clay Croft put these videos together with his accomplice Scott Cahill, hoping it would give his freelance production company Hiline Productions LLC a little boost in clout and coolness.

I'd say he made it happen, now he's just gotta get some network attention.


Watching the whole thing is a serious time investment, and the narration lays it on a little thick but the footage is nothing short of spectacular. A trip of this magnitude lends itself to organic drama that's a lot more compelling than most of the reality TV garbage you'll see elsewhere.

I challenge you to scrub through an episode and not immediately start shopping upgrades for your truck.

Check out the trailer, and if you like what you see I've taken the liberty of collecting all twelve full-length episodes here for your entertainment. Bookmark this page and enjoy over a couple weekends!


Episode 1

Expedition Overland embarks on their dream to see the last frontier. Alaska and the Yukon!


Episode 2

The team hits the road and sets up camp for the first time. The first animal is encountered.


Episode 3

The team heads south into Alaska and hits the awesome town of McCarthy Alaska.

Episode 4

The crew leaves their trucks behind and heads out in the open waters of Valdez, Alaska, viewing the incredible glaciers, icebergs and sea life.


Episode 5

The XO team pushes for an epic camp spot below a Glacier. Heavy vehicles, rivers, and navigation become challenges to the crew.


Episode 6

The Denali Highway. Some of the crew experiences heli flight for the first time. The team experiences the worst and best campsite of their trip thus far. In a remote part of the Denali Highway the crew swamps the Land Cruiser.


Episode 7

They celebrate the 4th of July at the end of the Elliot Highway in Manley hot springs and meet some great "local" characters along the way. The expedition crosses the Arctic circle and experiences the Dalton Highway first hand.


Episode 8

The crew picks up returning expedition members Ryan Erickson and Ty Heaps, taking a few days to explore.


Episode 9

Top of the World Highway from Chicken Alaska to the famous Dawson City Yukon in Canada.


Episode 10

A breakdown has stranded the team as they begin the Dempster Highway in the Yukon.


Episode 11

At the top of the world the crew continues their way back to Inuvik by boat. Stopping at a whaling village and engaging in conversation with the locals. After their return they make a hard push down to Hyder, Alaska.


Episode 12

The essentially abandoned Alexander Mackenzie heritage trail trail proves to be a major logistical challenge. Ty takes a serious injury and the team operates with one man down. Fuel, navigation, breakdowns, and the elements all come into play on this epic final leg.