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Our consumer-loving brother site sent us a Gawker alert message using our super-double-secret internet-tube-based system ( that's what we call e-mail round these parts) of a serious problem with a toy that should be able to make hundreds of thousands of children love trucks. Unfortunately, this toy has a potential defect that'll instead make those children hate trucks. It's the Lego EXPLORE Super Truck, and it features a red plastic pick-up/dump truck with four 7-inch black plastic wheels and packed with a box of 40 LEGO DUPLO bricks in the cargo area. So what's the problem? Well, just a tiny problem โ€” the wheels could detach, leaving exposed metal that has resulted in "serious puncture wounds." Yeah, puncture wounds from a toy truck would probably stop kiddies from ever wanting one of the big n' real ones.

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