This Truck's A Lego Maniac!

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Our consumer-loving brother site sent us a Gawker alert message using our super-double-secret internet-tube-based system ( that's what we call e-mail round these parts) of a serious problem with a toy that should be able to make hundreds of thousands of children love trucks. Unfortunately, this toy has a potential defect that'll instead make those children hate trucks. It's the Lego EXPLORE Super Truck, and it features a red plastic pick-up/dump truck with four 7-inch black plastic wheels and packed with a box of 40 LEGO DUPLO bricks in the cargo area. So what's the problem? Well, just a tiny problem — the wheels could detach, leaving exposed metal that has resulted in "serious puncture wounds." Yeah, puncture wounds from a toy truck would probably stop kiddies from ever wanting one of the big n' real ones.


Lego Trucks Cause Serious Puncture Wounds [Consumerist]

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This makes me sad. How the heck are kids going to learn anything if they can't hurt themselves? I know I myself bled gallons all over anything with the word tonka on it. But they were my favorite toys. I pinched, sliced, bruised, gouged, ran over with, fell off of and rode down hills on those things until either they broke or I learned how to determine what was dumb and what was smart.

I say sell lawn darts, objects that wil pinch, have small parts, and may catch on fire. survival of the fittest will take care of the dumb ones.