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All 23,500 of Segway's two-wheeled Human Personal Transporters have been recalled over a software glitch that could cause the wheels to unexpectedly reverse direction, causing riders to fall off. It's a problem so far only affecting six riders, and it can be fixed by either bringing it into one of the 100 Segway dealerships and service centers across the world or if need-be the company will pay for shipping charges. Although it's a voluntary total recall, we don't think it's got anything to do with the very well publicized "accident" our beloved leader suffered at the merciless handlebars of one of the devices. Because we're definetly not saying he told the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to put the screws on the maker of the lovable and huggable 12.5 mph scooter-thingie, but well, he is "the decider," isn't he?


Segway glitch forces recall and a warning to stop using the scooters [AP via Detroit News]

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