Have you had your coffee yet? No? Well, allow this horrifying incident in Texas to be all the wake-up juice you need.

Dallas resident Kathy Lanham was cruising down I-635 when an unsecured garbage can full of mulch came sailing at the windshield of her Honda CR-V. Her dash cam was rolling during the event, giving us a first-person view of a scene straight out of Final Destination.

Lanham saw the can coming straight for her and hoped it would miss her car, but wasn’t so lucky. She did manage to keep her cool, however, and that’s even better than being lucky.


She told WFAA she let the can strike her windshield rather than swerve into the metal pylons or concrete lane divider. Thanks to her quick thinking, Lanham and her car made it out mostly unscathed.

This crash could have ended much differently. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 1,241 crashes caused by insecure loads in the state last year, and a scary 103 of those were fatal.

“You have to tie down your loads,” Lanham told WFAA. “It just takes a couple of seconds.”

Listen to Kathy, you jokers!

Managing Editor of Jalopnik.

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