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18-Wheeler Smacks Two Highway Overpasses Before Losing Its Cargo

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Have you ever noticed the height warnings on the freeway and wondered, what do trucks do if they’re cruising along and don’t meet that requirement? Well, here’s your answer. And it isn’t pretty.


It goes without saying that trucking is definitely ones of those professions where paying attention is a big part of your day. This driver didn’t notice the height requirements on the overpasses or the sparks from his loads scrapping against the overpass. And while the truck and its payload survived their first brush with concrete, the second bridge was just a bridge too far. The force of the second impact sent the shipping container spiraling into the street in a very un-shipping container display of grace.

We know nothing about the video unfortunately. It was uploaded to Reddit and caught by Carscoops, so we don’t know if the driver with the dashcam charged the shipping company for a new pair of unsoiled underwear after the event. But we can certainly hope, and we can hope we never encounter such a thing on our own roads.

Managing Editor of Jalopnik.

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