This Timelapse Of The Ultimate Citroën 2CV Teardown Is Beyond Satisfying

Never have I wanted to go into a garage, tear an entire car apart and put it back together more than after watching this video.

It is a pressure welling up inside my chest since last October, when I first saw this video posted by friend of Jalopnik Berang. We see a couple of Citroën 2CV owners (this is a 1989 Charleston edition, according to the video uploaders) taking the whole front of the car apart, engine and all, and completely cleaning and refreshing every part and component.


Anyone who has ever worked on an old car will understand the deep satisfaction of this process. So much of our clunky ‘old car feel’ sensations are fixed with new bushings, new seals, new control arms and so on, until the creaking unreliability disappears. Even-handed maintenance is all that follows.

It’s like a deep soak in a bath for your inner mechanic soul.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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