This, if you weren’t able to tell, is heavy machinery dumping a bunch of water onto a burning car. It isn’t a fire truck, unless the local fire departments are going really incognito these days. But it sure does do the job.

This scene happened in Dallas, when roads flooded on Friday and local station WFAA reports that four cars disobeying the “turn around, don’t drown” rule stalled out on a road called Manana Drive. The floodwaters got up to hip height before it was all over, according to WFAA.

Smoke started pouring from a Mercedes’ hood before its driver, identified as Nikki Carmona by WFAA, got out. The station reports that Carmona waded to the side of the road without noticing that the car caught on fire, but employees at a nearby machinery company saw.

The general manager at Bane Machinery jumped into a front-end loader and made his way toward the car, scooping up some nice, clean, clear floodwater and dumping it onto the car. He did it twice to make sure the fire was out before the Dallas Fire Department arrived, according to WFAA.


Construction equipment isn’t all that bad. Every once in a while, when it’s not tearing down your favorite childhood arcade or interrupting your midday nap with noise, this stuff is out there being a real, multitalented hero of this world.