This Small-Block-Powered Romanian Rascal Can Be Yours!

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For the discerning SUV driver who must have a Chevy 350 under the hood but can't tolerate the thought of a vehicle made in any of the top 50 car-building nations, we've found your next ride! This ARO- about which the seller has not seen fit to provide any year/model info- has a 350 and... well, that's about all we know. It could be a 400,000-mile '76 350 groaning out 45 horsepower, or it could be a brand-new crate motor; hey, never mind that stuff- this is a freakin' ARO! The seller's zero feedback rating makes this a fun gamble for potential buyers!


Replica/Kit Makes : ARO 246 [eBay]

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ARO was all set to sell SUVs here in the US a number of years ago (8 or 9?) but for some reason, the deal fell through. There was even an ARO dealer all set up just outside of Eugene, OR.

They looked kinda fun: dead-simple basic 4x4 made in Romania. Crumple zones? Roll-over protection? ABS? Traction control? You must be joking.

I didn't remember them having a 350, though, so this might be an aftermarket upgrade, or a different model than what we were slated to get.