Failure! Romanian Cross Lander SUV Hits New Snag

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According to a firm that's been attempting to import Romanian-built SUVs to the US for the past year, the Romanian government is trying to pull its tablecloth from under the company's flatware, as it were. The company, Cross Lander USA, is suing Romania for allegedly conspiring to thwart its venture, by way of a Romanian officials, a government organization set up to privatize state-owned entities (AVAS), and a messaging campaign by sensationalist reporters. The suit aims to protect the company's investment in the state-owned Aro automotive factory — where the SUVs are built — from Romanian officials who allegedly aim to wrest control of the plant. What's more, the suit alleges corruption within AVAS that led to the organization canceling a government-backed loan for $47 million to capitalize Cross Lander's privatization venture. Who thought we'd be rooting so hard to see a 1977-era SUV go on sales in the states for $25,000. What the hell; we are. [Thanks to Rick for the tip.]

Cross Lander USA Press Release

Success!: Romanian Cross Lander SUV Exempt from Air Bags Law till 2008 [internal]


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