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The Series III Land Rover isn't elegant in the way that a Pinninfarina designed Ferrari is, but it's elegant in its rugged simplicity. There's a real beauty to how purposeful this truck is.

This latest video from Petrolicious profiles automotive photographer Pav Litwinski and his lovely blue '73 Land Rover. He uses this truck for fun and for work, often setting up a ladder on the bed to get better shots of the cars he's working with. It seems to be at home anywhere he takes it.

It doesn't have a whole lot of toys like a modern Range Rover does but perhaps it's all the better for it. For a 41 year old car it has aged incredibly well, and retains every bit of its workhorse capability that made these so popular in their own time.


I have nothing against the new Range Rover, it's a remarkably capable and comfortable vehicle but I struggle to believe that it will look as good and work as well in 41 years as this Series III does. The old one is simple, and all the better for it.