This Russian Lady Rolls In A Pink All Terrain Vehicle

Nothing is more badass than a 6x6 TRECOL-39294 all-terrain vehicle. That is, except for a pink 6x6 TRECOL-39294 all-terrain vehicle, driven by a lady in Moscow.

Sadly, the woman does not own this 3.3 million ruble ($100,000) TRECOL. The whole thing was set up by Top Gear Russia as one of their test segments. It turns out that the lady handled the 5,500 lbs vehicle with relative ease.


The Trecol just has a weak Hyundai turbodiesel, but speed isn't the selling point. It's the low-pressure tires that safely roll over swamps, lakes, whatever. It definitely beats a pink Fiat 500, that's for sure.

You can watch the segment right here in Russian.


(Hat tip to Dmitry!)

Photo Credit: Top Gear Russia

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