On the International Scale of Lunacy, we're pretty sure Robbie Maddison just blew right past Batshit Insane and Certifiable Wackjob to Week-Long Puckered Sphincter. Because Maddo set a world record for the longest vertical drop on a motorcycle while flying off the downhill ski jump at the Olympic Park in Utah.

You wouldn't expect anything less epic from our generation's Evel Kneviel, and Maddo makes a show of it, running up the bobsled track track before launching off the jump at 71 MPH, flying 374 feet, and dropping 185 feet ‚Äď 18 and a half damn stories ‚Äď to set a new world record.

The stunt was part of Red Bull Media House's ongoing build-up to On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter, which is hitting theaters today. But marketing frippery aside, bra-freaking-vo, sir.