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On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter Looks Amazing

The original On Any Sunday from 1971 was a masterpiece. How else can you explain a movie about motorcycles getting an Academy Award nomination? Four decades later, we're finally getting a sequel, and it might have a shot at topping its predecessor.


Bruce Brown directed and narrated the original (as well as Endless Summer), and for the follow-up his son, Dana Brown, is manning the helm. Even better, Red Bull Media House and Freeride Entertainment are the production houses, so the cinematography should be astounding and distribution should be solid.

The cast of characters is as long and impressive as the 70s film, with Travis Pastrana, Marc Marquez, Dani Pedrosa, Roland Sands, and dozens of others telling their two-wheeled story. It's slated to hit theaters across the country on November 4th, but you can get your first taste in the trailer above.

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My dad was in the original movie. One of the opening scenes, the helicopter shot of the thousand or so bikes making a scramble start. (He's the one on the Ducati 250, hidden in all the dust, still trying to kick start his bike...)

Mom tells me I got to swing in a swing right next to Steve McQueen pushing his kid on the swing. I remember none of it...