This Ratty VW Brasilia May Be The Best CarBQ Ever Built By Man

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We’ve seen cars converted to BBQs before, but the process usually ends up rendering the car no longer capable of, you know, car-ing. As in self-motility. But not this Brasilia — it’s a full BBQ that seems to be self-propelled — and, self-spit-turning. Just look.

Now, I’m already a huge fan of the Brasilia’s excellent-space-utilizing design, and the benefits can be seen here. The car allows a good-sized BBQ up front while retaining a rear hatch and luggage area, with the only real compromise being having to start the car with a crank, since the battery can’t live in its usual home up front, where it would melt and be marinated by delicious meaty juices.

The rotisserie-rotating rig is nice and straightforward, coming off the rear wheel hub to a large reduction wheel. It appears that, at idle – in what I suspect must be a higher gear? – the speed seems about right. I bet if you drop into first and really give it the beans you could get that meat whipping around pretty good.

This seems well-thought out enough that I’d think this Brasilia deserves some paint and cleaning up, which could make it the nicest, drivable car BBQ around.


Fine job, carnivores!

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